The Samsung Galaxy Note10 is the latest device from the brand and it was unveiled with great fanfare recently. If you’ve not been paying attention to it, you can read up on our first impressions here. There’s also another reason to pay attention: Celcom is offering you the chance to get 2 Note10 devices for the price of one.

To do so, you will have to take up the EasyPhone™ RENT or EasyPhone™
OWN plans from the telco. Before we get into that, however, here’s an
introduction to the Note10.

The Galaxy Note10 comes in two variants, a
regular Note10 with a 6.3-inch Infinity Display and
a Note10+ with a larger 6.8-inch Infinity Display.
It is also worth noting that the
Note10+ is the largest Note in the series.

With the help of its brand-new triple camera
setup, you can now take pro-grade pictures and videos wherever you go.

The Note10+ can also last you all day, thanks
to its massive 4,300 mAh battery. The stylus is also upgraded and you can
simply use air actions to control the camera.

The 256GB variant of the Note10 is priced at
RM3,699 while the 256GB variant of the Note10+ comes in at RM4,199 with the
512GB variant priced at RM4,799.

If you’ve been on the fence about getting the device, local telco Celcom has listed some enticing pre-order plans for you to go through . Pre-orders started on the 8th of August, and end on the 18th of August.

Get 2 Samsung Galaxy Note10|10+ at 1 Price

For example, using the EasyPhone™ RENT option, you can nab yourself two Galaxy Note 10
devices, starting as low as RM247. You will need to get the Celcom Mobile
Platinum Plus plan though.

If you wish to get the Note10+ instead, you
can do so at an even greater deal.

Celcom is offering the same two for one plan,
with a cherry on top—-a free upgrade to the 512GB variant of the Note10+ when
you subscribe to the EasyPhone RENT plan of RM228 a month.

In comparison, if you take the pre-order directly from Samsung, for the Note10+ 512GB variant, you’d be paying about RM199/month instead.

But those who have no use for a second phone can still subscribe to Celcom’s other EasyPhone™ plans starting at RM126 a month.

Now that you’ve decided on a plan, you can choose between four colours of the Note10 or Note10+, the Aura Glow (the one with the shiny glowing colours), Aura Pink, Aura Black or Aura White.

Not pictured: The Aura Pink variant (Aura Pink is only available for Note10)

Regardless of which model you purchase, you
also get Samsung’s pre-order gifts worth up to RM1,159. Depending
on the model you choose, these include the Galaxy Buds (worth RM499), a
wireless battery pack (so you can take advantage of the wireless charging
function), and an extended protection warranty.

As another sweetener, you also stand a chance
to win a share of RM36,000 worth of travel vouchers. So here’s an opportunity
to take your brand new phone on a trip and snap magnificent pictures.

Remember, you only have these 10 days to get
this pre-order through the telco.

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