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Samsung wireless charger

The wireless charging technology is very popular in the market. People has been using this for a long time and they are feeling reliable. But the question is that Does wireless charging harmfull or beneficial for your mobile phone ?

Wireless charing is introduced by Samsung and was fastly bought by the poople because people try to get some easy method to charge their mobile phones. People hase been using wireless charing but the problem is the slow charging by wireless charging which is irritating to users of Samsung galaxy and Apple phones.

We have searched a few articles, forum discussions, and comments suggesting that wireless charging might effect your bettery life then traditional wired charger. We have decided to check and find out if there is any truth about this problem.

Bettery Cycle Limits

Different battery manfactured are giving diffrent bettery standards , but it is accepted that beyond a number of charge cycles, a battery is going to decrease its life. In the case of Apple’s iPhone devices, for example, batteries are made to retain up to 80 percent of original capacity after 500 complete charge cycles.

One of the criticisms levelled at wireless charging, as explained in that ZDNet article, is that when the mobile phone is charged via the cable the battery gets a rest, but when they are charged on a wireless charger pad it does not.


Overall there is no any evidence that wireless charging is harmfull to your mobile bettery. The major benefit is that it is completly wireless. If you are in public places your can use your mobile phone while it is on charge. According to our experience if your mobile bettery is 50 to 80 percent charged it will give good bettery life.

The conclusion is that the wireless charging is not overall best because it is giving very slow charging rather then wired charging. Mostly mobile phone bettries are damaged by over charging or by heat. Many wireless charger have cooling sytem in it. usually it is seen that when you charging your mobile phone it is heating. Dont try to play high graphic games on your mobile phone. Wired chargers are heating your bettery and are seems bad for your mobile bettery so we recommed wireless charging.




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